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This status as of 18th September 2013


BrickRPM is a small board that brings a surface-mount-only variable reluctance chipset to the DIY engine management enthusiast. It was developed to fill a hole in the market for an affordable board that could be soldered by anyone and fit almost anywhere. As shown below, BrickRPM really is tiny. It's just slightly larger than a US dime at 0.6x0.7" or 15x18mm. In fact, it's so small that we're pretty sure you could fit it almost anywhere. Click the images if you would like to view larger versions of them.

The eight simple connection points are in DIP-8 format such that you can choose to either install it in a socket, or solder it directly to your board. Because the DIP-8 footprint has standard 0.1"/2.54mm pin spacing you can easily attach the BrickRPM board to most available prototyping boards. The pin functions are all clearly labeled on the back side of the board such that you can conveniently connect it without any instructions handy.

The BrickRPM board is available for just $25 US, plus shipping. Regular postage to the USA is a low $4 US which doesn't break the bank. For the time being, please contact us on our sales email address to place your order in a personal fashion. Shipping information is available on the shipping options page in case you should want a faster or more secure option.

You can be sure that your BrickRPM unit will work right the first time that you hit the key. All units are powered up and tested with an 18V RMS sine wave as input. Both output channels are observed to be in correct alignment with the input. A visual inspection of the board is done both prior to and post assembly to ensure a high quality product reaches you.

We realise that there are other options out there for you to choose from, so we thought we'd save you some time and present them on a comparison page for your convenience. We're confident that once you've reviewed the details and technical information that you'll choose BrickRPM for your VR conditioning solution.